Glow-in-the-Dark Pets and Animals: Glowing Purple Elephant

    In 2003 scientists created the ultimate pet: genetically modified fish that glow in the dark. In future, more pets will be added to the list. Take a look at what may be possible...

    Glowing Purple Elephant
    You may be familiar with the pink elephant. Well brace yourself for the glowing purple elephant. New at glowingpets.com.

    Food: Be prepared to feed your full grown glow elephant 150-250 pounds of food per day. Elephants eat almost anything green especially grass, shoots and buds of trees and shrubs.

    Size: 2500-7000 kilograms

    Care Requirements: Provide plenty of open space -- elephants will walk 50 miles a day in search of food and preferred climate. Elephants live in a complex matriarchal society normally composed of 8 to 15 related members and led by a dominant cow.

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